Sergei Prokofiev 'Dance of the Knights' from 'Romeo and Juliet' with pianist Johann de Jong:




Michael Glinka Sonata in d, Allegro moderato with pianist Johann de Jong:




Live recording from a concert in the recital hall of the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam with a part of the piece 'Morpheus' by Rebecca Clarke together with pianist Pascal Meyer:




Recording of '12 Centers Breathing' for viola and percussion by James Drew with Tobias Liebezeit:




Recording of 'Rapprochement' by Arnold Marinissen with 'Ensemble Scala':





Recording of 'Sul Cuor della Terra' by Jaqueline Fontyn:

Label: Ottavo

EAN: 8711599103851





Recording of 'Ocean/Shore 2' by Hyo-Shin Na with contemporary music ensemble 'The Barton Workshop':